Prosecuting parliamentary criminals

We have to pool our resources. None of us can afford to take powerful people to court on our own. We can do it together, though. If everyone who wants to see Tony Blair and David Cameron in the dock for what they've done gives £5, then when enough funds have been raised the EJSP will take them to court. That is our pledge.

We will therefore begin two initial legal campaigns:

1) for the prosecution of war criminals, including Tony Blair, and

2) for the prosecution of fraud criminals, including David Cameron.

More can be started later as the movement becomes more and more powerful. If you know of abuse crimes that have been committed in your local area then a legal fund can be set up to prosecute them in the courts.To begin the fight, please donate £5 (or more if you wish) using the form below.

For legal and accounting reasons we need to keep these donations separate, so please enter at least your email, and your name if you wish. This will enable us to track these donations and keep them separate from other fundraising, so that all money raised can be dedicated to legal expenses.

(To give anonymously to the party to help its campaigns, please use this page.)

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